Bethel AME Church History  

The Rev. Doctor Angela M. Battle, Pastor
Bethel AME Church
246 South Main Street, Pennington NJ 08873

The Reverend Doctor Angela M. Battle is an ordained Itinerant Elder of African Methodist Episcopal Church. Reverend Battle attended Maryland University European Division, in Germany where she received a Business Management Certification. Reverend Angela is a graduate of Kean University where she attained her Bachelor’s Cum Laude and Master’s in Public Administration. Reverend Battle has a certification in Theology from New Brunswick Theological Seminary and graduated with a Master’s of Divinity and a Letter of Distinction. Reverend Battle received her Doctor of Ministry degree from Drew University School of Theology with a concentration on Church Growth and Development. This is the highest academic professional degree to be received in Ministry. Her dissertation focused on identifying spiritual gifts such as leadership, communication and administration to name a few. Her published book is entitled, “Unwrap your gift”. Its purpose is to identify, develop and to be empowered to use your gift both in the church and in the secular world. Reverend Battle has written several meditations and you may find some in the Women In Ministry Lenten Meditation Booklet 2014 and on the Bicentennial Website 2016 under Meditations. Dr. Battle is the 2016 New Jersey Annual Conference recipient for the Sarah Bass Allen Bicentennial Celebration Humanitarian Award.

Dr. Battle served on the First Episcopal District Meditation Team preparing spiritual meditations for the 2016 General Conference while outlining her next book. Being that Dr. Battle has a sincere commitment to enhancing the Kingdom of God, it is evidenced in her loyal attention to daily activities and services. Reverend Battle uses her leadership, interpersonal and decision-making skills to reach people on all levels. Diversity is not the end goal it is the pathway to accomplish kingdom building.

Reverend Battle has pursued a life of learning and is using that knowledge and education to assist in helping others. Some of her coordinating efforts have been for programs such as Military Exceptional Children Program, Angel Tree and Toys for Tots programs, partnered with Somerset Resource Center helping abused women, voter registration, the Prison Reentry Program, New Jersey Human Development Corporation Project Rebuild “Family to Family” Program and coordinated Domestic Violence Awareness Walks. Dr. Battle, previously, spearheaded and oversaw the Annual Leadership Conferences at North Stelton in addition to facilitating the Leadership Classes and continues in the roll at Bethel Pennington.

As a Pi Alpha Alpha National Honor Society recipient for Public Affairs and Administration, her past affiliation with the American Society of Public Administrators (ASPA) where she was Council Member for the American Society of Public Administration serving to bring awareness, solutions and a strategic plan to current public issues. Dr. Battle is now launching a new initiative called, “We Keep Our Promises” to address current issues impacting the church today. This initiative gives the community a voice and involves public health and national protection while focusing on legislature to pave a path to policy changes for solutions.

Dr. Battle has served as a grant reviewer while a graduate student at Kean University for the State of New Jersey Office of Faith Based Initiatives and as a former member of the Drew University, Student Investment Research Committee, formerly worked to enhance New Millennium, a Community Development Corporation (CDC) where she can also share the Entrepreneur Empowerment Ministry and continue the role as Advisor for the Youth Council.

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