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Public Alert!

Why is this public alert important? Because as human beings we have “Action Potentials” which are rapid changes in the electrical properties of the cell membranes of neurons. They constitute a basic mechanism by which information travels the nervous system. Neurons communicate across tiny gaps (synapses) that separate them by means of neurotransmitters called and (all-or-nothing) nature.

As human beings we have structures (Synaptic Vesicles) in the “Axon Terminals” that contain various neurotransmitters. Arrival of the Action Potential causes these vesicles to approach the cell membrane, where they fuse with the membrane and then empty their contents into the synapse.

What is an Axon and why are Axon Terminals important or detrimental to humans? An Axon is the part of the neuron that conducts the Action Potential away from the cell body. The axon divides into several small branches that end with round structures known as the Axon Terminals that closely approach, but do not actually touch other cells.

What is the correlation between this human cell information and the cell structures that are in place? There are certain cell structures that have the capability to conduct the same activity from a man-made communication cell structure to a human being cell membrane.

The Axon Terminals found on the ends of axon contain many synaptic vesicles. When an action potential reaches the axon terminal these vesicles move toward the cell membrane and release their contents neurotransmitters into the synapse. This is called Synaptic Transmission. The danger is the release of their contents called neurotransmitters into the synapse. Neurotransmitters are chemicals released. Chemicals released that can travel across the tiny synaptic gap until they reach specialized receptors sites in the membrane of other cells.

What is the impact of the human body and this process? Neurons are building blocks. The Nervous System is the structure they use along with other types of cells. The Nervous System regulates body process, and is responsible for all aspects of conscious experience and permits us to react to the external world in countless ways.

The Concern: Many drugs produce their effects by influencing synaptic transmission. Growing evidence suggests that knowledge of neurotransmitter systems can be applied to solve important practical problems or activate them such as drug and alcohol abuse and certain mental disorders. We have receptors which are complex protein molecules whose structures are such that neurotransmitter substances fit like chemical keys into the locks they provide. Specific neurotransmitters can deliver signals only at certain locations on cell membranes thereby introducing precision into the nervous systems’ complex communication system. They can also be released into our body fluids, which carry them to many other cells. Biogenic Amines, Epinephrine, norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine, all of which also functions as hormones are important neurotransmitter in the central nervous system that affects sleep, mood, attention and learning.

The acetylcholine is important in the brain and at synapses between motor neurons and muscle cells. Signal frequency is the key because of the action potentials. This is where the man-made cell towers present eminent danger. Each new receiving cell in turn processes this information along with its other inputs. Neurotransmitters are essential in homeostasis. They provide precise signaling among neurons enabling the nervous system as a whole coordinating the activities of all parts of the body. The closer the synapse is to the base of the receiving cell axon the stronger the effects.

I implore you to read your medication, ask questions of doctors, pharmacists and read the AARP Report. We need to stop the National unfair legislation and resend the state legislation Executive Order No. 161 dated August 1, 2014. They are passing laws underneath our noses and you will wake up with an illness and with no healthcare.

 • Draft Resolution for African Americans Development & Career Advancement dated 1/18/17 p. 23
 • Executive Order 161 dated August 2014
 • Contact your Senator for more information

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