Bethel AME Church History  

The Rev. Doctor Angela M. Battle, Pastor
Bethel AME Church
46 South Main Street, Pennington NJ 08873

Dear Friend,
I am writing this letter as a clarion call to invite and encourage you to join me in taking a strategic action to improve the condition of Black, Brown and Poor people across our nation; an initiative that I am calling "We Keep Our Promises." As the People of God, we must answer the call to Public Service and take a stand. "We Keep Our Promises" is based on applying the biblical principles to this new social and economic issue that is too important to ignored.

In our urban areas where the most vulnerable live a legalized epidemic has devitalize individuals, our families, our place of worship and our communities for many years. The subtle uses of this new technology sneaks into our neighborhoods and have victimized the marginalized while adding to the wealth and dominance of the most powerful among us. We trusted technology in our phones, televisions, our cars and our medical records. Technology is used at DMV, by Police, and at banks. Yes, we know this. But did you know that for a price technology can be brought and used against you. Before I share this vital information, let me state what is already known technically. A power grid can take out the whole north east. You can transfer money to Swiss and off shore accounts via cell phone. You can monitor your home from your phones. Track submarines under water. Start your car from while sitting in your living room. Open your garage door while in the car on the street. How? Technology. The police and FBI have task forces specifically for Cyber Crimes. With the use of communication towers the impact by criminals and domestic terrorists is staggering. We have the greatest nation in the world. We have some of the most intelligent technicians, doctors, and engineers in the world. Unfortunately, a small group of people are using some of this technology against Black, Brown, and Poor People across the nation. They no longer verbally deny access they uses technology to falsified credit and reports, bank accounts, and medical records. This is the new technological slavery.

Please notice this primarily occur in neighborhoods with people of color and poor communities. I suggest that this is because of a powerful select few trying to ruin socially and economically a mass of vulnerable people.

While you may not think this affects you directly it does. These are our babies, our children, and our elderly being denied services because of technology and the infamous "computer glitch", call back later, or the voicemail bounce around. We have to wait in long lines to be denied services, as 1-800 numbers can be bought.

I am praying that you, your congregation, communities and organizations you are affiliated with commit to the following for 90 days beginning on Sunday, September 11, 2016 "Patriot's Day".

  1. I will fast and pray for the Christ honoring national success of "We Keep Our Promises" to promote life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all people.
  2. I will increase my church, community and organization attendance and involvement by forwarding this email and sharing with others.
  3. I will attend and sponsor special services and workshops to be equipped to assist those who have suffered from the effects of cyber crimes.
  4. I will hold accountable those individuals, industries and systems that profit from this abuse of human life.
  5. I will start taking note of computer malfunctions, late fees, interest and strange fees on bills.
  6. I will get a copy if my credit report and review it.
  7. I will review my medical records, school records and work records along with asking questions about codes written in my file.
  8. I will educate myself on cyber crimes, communication towers, technology and technical legislation.
  9. I will register to vote and encourage others to vote.

It is important that we begin on 9/11 because that is the date that this Nation was challenged by the worst attack ever on American soil. It is also the date that Nation demonstrated great resolve and unity: saying to the world that these United States of America will not break. This is the message that the Christian Church must now say to this Nation, but I want to include my other brothers and sisters of a different faith. Cyber Crimes knows no faith or God, but can identify your color and economic class. The Black, Brown and Poor is under a tremendous cyber attack.

Please stand with us and declare that "We hold these truths to be self evident: that all people are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness..." We have the Declaration of Independence. We want the Nation to honor "We Keep Our a Promises."

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